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 The Shelby Davis Arts Scholarship will award one (1) scholarship to a graduating Waterbury Connecticut high school senior who meets the following  requirements: 


  • Plans to attend a two or four-year university with a major in an arts-related field

  •  Submits two or three recommendation letters

  •   Showcases are chosen art form via photos or video

  •     Has a proven history of participating in arts programming in high school

  •      Provides evidence of financial need in the required essay

  •      Writes a brief essay including and addressing the following topics:

  Why are they a good candidate for the scholarship/how the scholarship would benefit their success?

  •    What their current art form is

  •    Showcase how they plan to pursue their passion for that art form

  •     Show  how their craft impacts their life and the community

  •   Provide an explanation of the art form they plan to showcase

  •    Provided evidence of at least ten hours of engagement with their specified art form outside of a traditional classroom structure




Questions or if you need further information, please contact:

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